Homelessness Prevention

* Right to counsel demand and       court watch -


A VHI representative will attend court with you for support only no legal advice the outcome tends to be better if you simply have someone with you.


Emergently seeking lawyers to represent tenant’s they never can afford a lawyer so they never have one , while the opposing side always can afford matter of factly they all share the same one for recovery and eviction .


·* Eviction defense within the         statewide resident council task force for TN Founder Kennetha Patterson is the state liaison we are connected with the Faces of HUD Unity Project Nationwide network . 


* Emergency Transitional Housing Cooperative for large families to curb the epidemic of displacement and gentrification in our urban cities. (Will provide each family with shelter,transportation,employment,meals)


* T&K Properties partnership foreclosure help , purchase of vacant and distressed priorties to assist in replenishing a real stock of affordable housing for acceptance of section 8, rent , ownership ( partnered w/ local real estate agents ) or lease purchase . 

Innovative Jobs Corner

·* Section 3 registered business (Minority and woman owned)


·Mentors to a Trade & Contractor opportunity to boost income (Educational empowerment @ each level) for HUD , Public Housing low income Residents .


* Various means of document assistance filing of business state paperwork - sliding scale fee will accept 3rd           party Vocational rehab, disability via PASS (become financially independent through entrepreneurship, ect ….   


* Creation of jobs especially for but not limited to felons (it is very hard to find a job as a felon that pay’s well or they can be their own boss and show society they deserve a second chance at life unfortunately there is already a system designed to make sure they fail)

* Futuristically will offer up funds for startup funding .

* Writers Club if you have a book living inside you we meet with a group and keep each other accountable to finishing our books & promote each other !!!! 

Whole Family Restoration

* Eliminating barriers that cause

   trauma to families (living in a       car, hotel or outside, bad credit   eviction, lack, any kind of               brokenness )

*  Connection to black                       counselor’s network  

   combating the stigma of

   mental health in our                     communities


 * Various Team family building       activities to extract what each     members purpose is .


. We also welcome church tours    to get the word out to GOD’s        people across the board make    sure your congregation is            housed !!

Building Commuities

* Partnerships with other organizations towards ultimate resource HUB unique than any other listing .

* Barter and trade options 

* Financial stabilization offerings


* Community Land Trust / Transitional  Housing Cooperative


* Monthly Clinical & Curriculum based workshops to publicly educate residents

( Customer Service University ~ mobile & B2B pricing depends on size of organization , Housing , Eviction Defense ) , .  

* Safe space discussions

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