Question of the day to you a game if you will of : Never have I ever ...... Have U ?

Ever lived in the projects?

Been harassed buy a fellow neighbor in any capacity ?

Lived in poverty?

Gone hungry without food because you cannot afford it and can't get food stamps,cause you make too much?

Been evicted & been to court for eviction,what did that process feel like?

Been incarcerated?

Been denied housing d/t credit, felony, or prior evictions, causing you to be or remain homeless?

Been denied employment d/t credit, felony , or apperence?

Been traumatized d/t all of the above very traumatic situations 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

As the Founder of this Organization I Have and unfortunatley I know in excess of over 12 families that have experienced the same, that should not be ok !

These families look just like my family large families who need real solutions fast ,because there are litterally none out there . When checking on a program for a family after actually findinf a vacancy we were told oh we thought they were an individual we cannot help families, individuals only ! No hard feeling to the organizations that's just the arena's they work on this is where Vision Heirs INC. must come in for the larger families the most underserved demographic.

We have suffered from the worse case of profit over people growth syndrome ( ain't nothing wrong with growth just be inclusive stop pushing people out of the cities that they help build ).

Well on that note my name is Kennetha Patterson wife and mother of 5 & Founder of Vision Hiers INC. I am so proud to introduce you to my organization Vision Heirs INC .

We have literally walked this out on the ground living it daily and being in these worn shoes unfortunately it's not pretty at all, we do not want to see any more families continue to be hurt by this nationwide epidemic, we will start at home and join hand with other organizations to change the narratives .

The only great thing about living this journey is phropheting form your pain the affected people can directley indentify gaps and lack of resources for them, through VHI and the connected network they will no longer be voiceless.

For example my family has been homeless 4 diffrent times for 4 different reasons :

1. I was moving and I did not get the rental I applied for but I had already gave my 30 day notice .

2. My only monetary eviction was also a mass one they needed a reason to get all tenants out and get the unit's to market rent status from Tax credit property rates . Our complex sold for 20 Million dollars without our knowledge my neighbors and I did not know what was happening to us ( we just saw over 10 people per month thrown into the dupsters ) and we had no idea that we could ban together in people power. Following my eviction I was fighting for the remaining residents because I did not want to see the same thing happen to them . ( I got injured could not work still had my job but had to heal for a month ) I was able to get all money owed but they told me they did not want it they just wanted my unit . I did not know I was siging my rights a way when agreeing to a pay and stay ( with the community landlord lawyer / I was without cousel because that's just currently how it works ) and I also didn't know that asking to see the judge to explain my situation was even an option .

* We did come together as a community and won a one for one replacement of the unit's that were already existent in the new development for low income individuals .

*This is why we need The VHI Statewide resident council that will provide court watch & legal clinic's so the tenants have the same protections as the landlords across the state of TN !

3. One eviction was due to the incarceration of my Husband , He was railroaded labled a thug , and charged with attempted murder . The real of the situation which we never got to say in court was a truck was trying to run our family off the road and my husband shot at him as an equilizer to his huge semi truck against our small SUV with our family in it . My husband was remorseful had never been in trouble before we are alway's helping others ( we were coming form helping his elderly Aunt that day ) he only felt he was defending his family I agree anyone may have done the same in that particular situation . But the landlord saw the news about it ( the incomplete story ) we were on section 8 at the time I appealed the 3 day eviction ruling but they refused to even hear our side of the story . While cleaning the apartment out there was a huge house fire that got the last of our belonging when I was 1 day outside of the date we agreed to me moving out vs. eviction being on my record .

4. WE found the perfect home even though we had to move out of the city so many people did not like that we move out there but our city had outgrown us ( it was 7 berooms for 1500.00 per month ) Everyone knows in Nashville a studio apartment is 1500.00 per month starting out on the cheap end . Due to barriers on both our credit reports that I tried dillegently 3 + soilid years to get removed Child support for our own children & Student loans for me that I do not agree with the amounts . Both of these entities give you massive amounts of run around int he hopes that you will just give up shut up and pay. I don't agree with either debt so no we need to come to Jesus and fix it so unfortunatley the landlord that gave us a second chance listed the property on the market and subsequently started to harrass us , so we just parted way's vs. taking the abuse .

All of those senario's are exactly why we must see an immediate change in the narratives about people in poverty to eliminate the hard barriers keeping them stuck that's what the mission and vision of VHI is. in all of those stories we hit a road block where someone was able to say you are not worth being housed.

Those are just my stories imagine the more that 12 just in the Nashville area not to mention nationwide? I know driving across the state of TN I see so many vacant properties ( Residential & Commercial ) we need these spaces for the folks that want to get on their feet plus it will stimulate the economy while helping families , it's really simple 🤷‍♀️

We need a building's for transitional housing for large families like yesterday ( I say it should be courtosey of the state ) we give away all our land properties public housing so what harm would it be to help the ones that are being rapildly pushed out in the growth ) , In addition to follow with permanent stable community housing eliminating barriers in beautiful families lives.

Please do join us on the journey to real solutions stay tuned for our funding campain coming up about serving "The Whole DAMN Pie" reachout if you would like to contrubute to this report & documentary 💎💯🎯✨💖✅😘😍👌🏾🥊👑🔥💋💁🏾‍♀️😊‼️

Our email is : If you would like to comment on this Blog like and subscribe and reply in the forum section of our website looking forward to hearing from you !

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