Vision Heirs INC. is a start up non profit our Founder Mrs. Kennetha Patterson is a wife and mother of 5 children super multi faceted,I want people to think of big families that have to go to Walmart's parking lot if they cannot afford a hotel , don't have family to stay with , noone can begin to know the trauma the children face within homelessness .


Vision Heirs INC. can empathize with all walks of life be it gansta , professional , and able to flip it all around towards legitimate building of our communites by creating innovative jobs cause we have literally lived through it 4 times over.

So many loose the privilege's of being housed because they have records ,federal debt , bad credit none of this should keep you unhoused so lets build generational wealth so we can surpass all that are barriers to housing because:


" Housing its the nucleus of every family "  Without a home everythig literally goes haywire !!!!