"Housing is the Nucleus of every family "

Therefore there should not be any barriers preventing homes for all humans .


Vision Heirs INC. is THE Ultimate

Resource Hub for larger families in need of :

* Prevention of Homelessness/Eviction      defense,promoting the need for legal        clinic's & court watch 

* Advocating for two parent household's    with emergent attention to households    with greater than 4 children .


* We are crowdfunding towards a large       transitional housing cooperative (             building and land ) due to housing             crisis that cannot be remedied 

* Collaboratively building of our                     communities 


* Introducing innovative jobs corner,


* Whole family restoration each family        member has a Royal role 

* Providing real life solutions & building      generational wealth one big family at a    time cities push people out we want       them to be able to afford to live in the   cities they help build !!!! 


Our team is experienced at working homeless and seeing specific gaps in resources causing great housing disparities to millions.


We've noticed when needing to be rehoused rapidly there are zero resources out there for big families and an abundance of resources for single families in many way's including funding barriers.